_____________ (II): STUFF /John Frankland, Lee Grandjean, Bob MacGrain & Richard Wentworth_____________


Cabinet Particulier’s second salon took place at The Russian Club Studios on the 18/05/09

With guest speakes artist John Frankland (Matt's Gallery), Bob MacGrain (Tech Support and Special Projects Manager - Ainscough Crane Hire), Lee Grandjean (Senior Lecturer - Royal College of Art) and chaired by Richard Wentworth (Lisson Gallery and recently appointed Head of Sculpture - Royal College of Art) the talks were varied in design and breadth. Each speaker elaborated on their own particularly and precise relationship to 'stuff'. John Frankland spoke on boulders and clouds as well as demonstrating, through a simple performance with plastic bags, how sculpture sits as idea and object simultaneously. Bob MacGrain gave an insightful and humorous account of the technical logistics of moving cumbersome objects (like John's 'Boulders') as well as the lesser known, more peripheral aspects of crane's (crane spotters!). Lee Grandjean delivered a passionate sermon from a homemade lectern on the 'ravages of thought' and their relationship with the stuff of sculpture and the art making process. When Richard Wentworth expertly opened up the discussion drawing in the 'audience' and the speakers alike, the debates that followed were equally diverse and continued on more intimate levels over dinner.

The catalyst for this second salon came about partly by John Franklands 'cloud' edition 'accidentally' finding it's way into the cabinet during the installation of his recent show in the gallery. John Frankland's 'cloud' multiple will remain on display in the cabinet until the next salon (date TBC) and can be acquired via The Russian Club Gallery.

We would like to thank all of those who joined us.